PokeMMO Pokedex Available!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of new features on the PokeMMO Zone website, originally developed during my time with a previous PokeMMO team. These features have now found a new home and will continue to evolve here at PokeMMO Zone.

Introducing the PokeMMO Pokedex

Our first major addition is the PokeMMO Pokedex. This tool is designed as a user-friendly frontend for the PokeMMO-Data project, providing valuable information directly to players. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting out, the PokeMMO Pokedex is here to help you navigate your adventures more effectively.

What to Expect

While the PokeMMO Pokedex is operational, there are areas that are still under development. We are actively working on completing the item data and improving the egg move calculations. Your feedback is crucial during this phase; if you encounter any discrepancies or issues, please let us know by reporting an issue on GitHub or through our Discord server.

Future Developments

The launch of the PokeMMO Pokedex is just the beginning. We have ambitious plans to expand this and other features on the website. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements throughout the year—there are many exciting developments on the horizon!

We believe these new features will significantly enhance your PokeMMO experience by providing easy access to comprehensive data and tools. Keep an eye on our website for further announcements and updates.