Introducing the PokeMMO Damage Calculator to PokeMMO Zone

We are thrilled to announce the transfer of the PokeMMO Damage Calculator to PokeMMO Zone! Originally developed by Gamer2020, this specialized tool was crafted to provide accurate damage calculations tailored specifically for the nuances of PokeMMO, differentiating it from standard Pokémon game mechanics.

Why a Specialized Calculator?

Unlike standard Pokémon games, PokeMMO introduces unique gameplay elements and mechanics. The widely used damage calculators designed for mainstream Pokémon games do not fully align with these differences. Recognizing this gap, the PokeMMO Damage Calculator was created to reflect the specific mechanics of PokeMMO, using adjusted Pokémon sets and types from the Black and White era, and streamlining features to better suit the game’s environment.

Features of the PokeMMO Damage Calculator

  • Adaptation to Gen 9 Mechanics: Incorporates necessary adjustments from generation 9 to fit PokeMMO’s gameplay.
  • Customized Pokémon Sets: Uses Black and White Smogon sets at level 50, aligning with PokeMMO’s standards.
  • Type and Mechanic Adjustments: Applies Generation 5 typing and removes elements not present in PokeMMO like terrains and certain moves.
  • Direct Links to BW Analysis: Offers instant access to relevant analysis pages, aiding in strategic planning.

Ongoing Development and Future Plans

The PokeMMO Damage Calculator is an evolving tool:

  • Version 2 Refactor: In the future, we plan to release a version 2, which will be more of a refactor to further enhance accuracy and ease of use without overhauling the fundamental design.
  • Community-Driven Updates: Adjustments have been made based on player feedback and will continue to be, ensuring the calculator remains as accurate and useful as possible.

Get Involved

This tool is for you, the community, and your input is crucial. If you notice any discrepancies or have suggestions, please reach out through the PokeMMO Damage Calculator GitHub repository or our Discord server.

Commitment to Accuracy

While we aim to match PokeMMO mechanics as closely as possible, our primary goal is to maintain the tool’s reliability and familiarity. We are committed to making incremental improvements that align with the feedback and evolving needs of the PokeMMO community.