Is PokeMMO Zone a team in PokeMMO?

No. PokeMMO Zone is made to be a development team working on PokeMMO related projects, but it is not an actual team within the game. This is to allow collaboration between anyone that may be interested in contributing to PokeMMO Zone projects regardless of what team they are on.

Do I need to join the PokeMMO Zone Development team in order to contribute to projects?

Absolutely not. Projects that are public on Github can be worked on by anyone. Simply submit a pull request to the PokeMMO Zone repos and they will be reviewed and merged. Otherwise any other input can be provided through a ticket on Discord.

Do I need to be a programmer to join the PokeMMO Zone Development team?

If you have interest in joining the development team, you don’t necessarily need to be a programmer. As long as you would like to contribute to the team somehow, you can possibly join. Some examples would be writing guides on the website, testing out new projects, translations, research etc.

How involved do team members need to be?

Team members can be as involved as they want and work on projects that align with their interests and skills. They have the flexibility to choose their own level of contribution, whether working on existing projects or developing their own.

Can I propose and lead my own projects?

Absolutely! We encourage team members to bring their unique ideas and projects to the table. If you have a new tool, guide, or concept you’d like to develop, you’re free to spearhead that initiative,

What tools and platforms does PokeMMO Zone use for collaboration?

We primarily use Discord for communication and GitHub for project collaboration. Discord is where you’ll find discussions, project updates, and guidance, while GitHub hosts our public repositories and allows for streamlined contributions.