Introducing PokeMMO-Data!

PokeMMO-Data is a comprehensive set of data resources designed to empower the PokeMMO community in developing their own projects. Originally created by Gamer2020 while on a PokeMMO team, this valuable collection will continue to be developed and maintained through PokeMMO Zone.

What PokeMMO-Data Offers

The PokeMMO-Data project, hosted here, includes essential information on Pokémon, moves, items, abilities, and more. These data sets are presented in convenient JSON files that can be directly used in other projects, making them versatile tools for any developer.

Contributing to PokeMMO-Data

To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, PokeMMO-Data relies on community involvement:

  • Bug Reports: If you spot incorrect data, please report it through an issue so we can address it promptly.
  • Contributions: Modifications to the data should be made via PokeMMO-Data-Gen, which contains the build scripts. This ensures all updates are accurately reflected in the data files.

Continuing Development

PokeMMO-Data’s development will be a core project of PokeMMO Zone, with regular updates and improvements. Keep an eye on the website and repositories for the latest updates.