Join the Team

At PokeMMO Zone, we believe in the power of collaboration. Whether you’re a programmer, writer, tester, translator, or just passionate about helping others enjoy the game, there is a place for you here. Our team is dedicated to building innovative tools, guides, and resources that empower the entire PokeMMO community.

Why Join Us?

  • Inclusive Collaboration: We welcome contributions from anyone, regardless of their background or in-game affiliation. By not being a formal team within PokeMMO, we’re free to work with people from different teams and communities.
  • Diverse Skill Sets: You don’t need to be a programmer to contribute! We value writers, testers, translators, researchers, and anyone else eager to help us improve the PokeMMO experience.
  • Community Impact: By joining us, you have the chance to make a tangible impact on the entire PokeMMO player base by creating valuable tools and resources.

How to Join

Simply join our Discord and start a ticket in the Team Application section. This will start a conversation with staff about joining the team.

Ready to be part of something bigger? Join us today and help shape the future of the PokeMMO Zone community!