Introducing the PokeMMO Team Builder on PokeMMO Zone

We’re excited to bring the PokeMMO Team Builder into the fold at PokeMMO Zone! Originally crafted by Gamer2020, this tool was designed to help players construct and manage their teams within PokeMMO, offering functionalities like importing/exporting teams in the pokepaste format and ensuring only PokeMMO-compatible Pokémon and items are selectable.

Background and Features

The PokeMMO Team Builder was developed from scratch as a solution to organize and strategize team setups specifically for PokeMMO players. Here are some of the current features:

  • Save/Load Teams: Uses local storage to save and load your teams without the need for user accounts.
  • Import/Export Pokepastes: Integrates with the familiar Showdown/Pokepaste format for easy team management.
  • Custom Selections: Limits choices to only PokeMMO-specific Pokémon and items, including Hidden Power type selections and Alpha Pokémon toggles.

Future of the Tool

While the PokeMMO Team Builder has served the community well, it will eventually be sunset by a future project designed with more integrated features and updates. This decision comes as the tool was built before the development of PokeMMO-Data, making it challenging to keep updated with the latest game changes.

Open Sourcing the Project

In light of this, we are open sourcing the entire project as an educational resource for those interested in learning about web application development in a gaming context. This provides an excellent opportunity for developers to understand the intricacies of such tools. You can access the source code on our GitHub repository.

Participate and Provide Feedback

As we prepare for the future of team-building tools on PokeMMO Zone, your feedback remains invaluable. If you have suggestions or notice any issues, please join the conversation on our Discord server or directly through the GitHub issues page.

Stay Updated

Keep an eye on PokeMMO Zone for updates and enhancements to our suite of tools. We are committed to providing the community with the resources it needs to enjoy PokeMMO to the fullest.