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Statement: Future of the Shiny Leader Board!

Hi, today I just want to mention some stuff because there have already been some questions on it. I plan to talk about this in a future Youtube video.

Some people have asked about basing the leaderboard on other things other than just the number of shiny Pokemon. This has 100% been thought about and I personally agree with this since the rarity of different shinies isn’t always equal.

With the diversity in how different teams lay out their shiny showcases this is something that currently proves difficult without getting all teams onto the same page. This leader board is based on shiny counts simply because it is the quickest and easiest thing to do for a ranking currently. I wanted to get something out there so that different teams can have some sort of ranking and can “compete” with each other. I am currently working with some different teams to get them accurately added to the leaderboard but I understand that the current site isn’t perfect.

The Plan

To keep it simple, the long term plan is to code a new site with more advanced/detailed leaderboards.

Currently the working name is “Shiny Tracker” but this is subject to change. The main drawback is that each person would have to update their shinies onto their account. The positives are actually greater. You can have ranking not related to teams so players without a team can participate. When teams add/remove someone from their team the shiny board for the team would update automatically. If someone gets a shiny they no longer have to wait until the thread owner updates their team board. When adding a shiny you will be able to specify the species and whether it is an alpha, egg, safari, etc. All these attributes can have points associated to them for a ranking system. Multiple leader boards can be done with this, imagine leaderboards for most shalphas, rares, etc. Also similar to how it is done with graded trading cards, we would be able to check the population of a shiny to see how many of a particular shiny is out there. There can even be a live updates when people get shinies.


Honestly, this will not be available soon. Keep in mind that currently PokeMMO Zone is one person. We could be talking months or even a year. There are a lot of things to considered for this. Some examples are things like how are logins handled, how will things be moderated, should it be multi-language, etc.

When things are further along some teams will be reached out to for opinions on leader boards, rankings, etc. There will also need to be some beta testing by representatives from different teams. This is still early development but more info will be available when things are more concreate.

Thank you

Thank you to those that have taken an interest in the leaderboard. We are working on getting more teams added. If you want to get you team added, please reach out.